Chaoyang Daoist Temple in Wuxi (Jiangsu, China)


The “Chaoyang Shi” temple (朝阳寺) located at the top of Anyang mountain near Wuxi, is a genuine and peaceful little temple that will soothe your mind. However don’t expect breathtaking view and being in the middle of nowhere…the city is close and you won’t totally escape from it!


This once famous and influential daoist temple used to be visited by Emperor Qianlong and influenced the Zen development in Japan.

The monastery is taken care of by nuns that make a living by selling a famous variety of sweet and juicy peach, 水蜜桃 (“ShuiMiTao”).

The region is famous for its peach production, at the time we went there we could feel it got some fresh money poured in the city. Roads being renovated, new observation deck, and newly built empty hotels and luxury villas.

The best time to visit would be in Spring when the peach trees blossom.

Each meal was preceded by a buddhist chanting and of course no food wasted, the cat got it all…


Adress: Chunhua Rd, Binhu, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China 江苏无锡朝阳寺

How to get there: Rent a mini van or get in touch with Yejo Circle for Taiji Retreat:


On the left side of the temple a small trail lead to the top of the mountain, there is one small cave that will caught your eyes with its beautiful colours


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