Gorgeous hike Yangdi->Xingping (China)

One of the best hike in China! Don’t take the boat as the travel agency will push for some “luxury” boat or other “VIP” bamboo raft. This is a long hike but totally worth it if you are interested to be off the beaten track. Be prepared to spend your whole day walking as it’s a 5 hours trip through incredible karst mountains, villages, oranges fields. You’ll mostly follow the stunning Li river and need to cross from time to time the river to continue the trail.

However approaching Xingping the whole atmosphere will change. Get ready to be around lots of tourists, souvenir shops and sellers. There is one viewpoint that inspired exactly the image on the reverse side of the 20 RMB note.
This trip was done in 2009 so if you are looking for travel advice, I would recommend Tripadvisor or any other updated guides. Sorry, I would love to go back!


Don’t get too close to the buffalo…you wouldn’t like to have a paparazzi around you right?



Hey grandpa!


Preparing Luo Bo Gan, preserved and dried turnips or radishes. Delicious with congee!


Damn this light! Golden Hour over the orange fields



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