15 days in Myanmar – Yangon (Day 1-2)

This is my itinerary for a 15 days solo trip in Myanmar (November 2014).

For more information about the overall planning please check my previous post


Day 1: YANGON – Bo Gyoke market


I was told that I could not leave Yangon without joining the locals for a morning coffee, so I chose a popular tea shop nearby my hostel, called Lucky Flower (on Bo Gyoke road crossroad of Pansodan Street, in front of the Ruby Mart). They sell the famous Mohinga (rice noodle fish soup, 500 kyats) a typical Burmese breakfast. People watching from the terrace is highly recommended as you’ll probably spot procession of monks or nuns during the morning alms (around 8AM).

While the sun is still lazy, train your negotiation skills by heading off to the Bo Gyoke market. Get lost in the alleys of this shopping temple, you’ll find a broad selection of lacquerware, gems, longyi, antiques (fake or real) and all sorts of souvenirs.

BoGyoke market


For lunch I tried the Shan noodle (Chickpea flour noodles prepared in chilly sauce with fresh chives, sesame or peanut, 1,000 kyats) with ice coffee.

Shan noodle, a tasty and simple dish from northern Shan state



Myanmar Backpacker

256 Pansodan Street, Tower A, Level 9

Kyauktada Township

Yangon Downtown

+95 9421757685

The staff are very nice and helpful, individual pod-beds with shared bathrooms.



  • Taxi from airport to hostel: 7,000 kyats
  • breakfast+lunch+coffee+dinner: 2,500 kyats
  • Longi, saran: 12,000 kyats
  • Hostel: 15,000 kyats



Day 2: YANGON – Chinatown, city walk, Shwedagon, night bus to MANDALAY


Make sure you start the day early (8PM) before the weather gets too hot. Walk from Sule Pagoda all the way to Chinatown following the big Maha Bandula Road, the crowded street markets offer an incredible diversity of colors and smells.

Myanmar_Yangon_street market beans

Myanmar_Yangon_street market veggiesMyanmar_Yangon_street foodMyanmar_Yangon_pigeonsMyanmar_Yangon_street market fruits

After lunch wander around the colonial buildings nearby Sule pagoda: Yangon City Hall, The Strand Hotel, Custom House, General Post Office, Railways Headquarters, High Court Building, Rowe & Co Building, Maha Bandula Garden.

Detailed itinerary suggestion here

Myanmar_Yangon city walk
Yangon City Hall

Myanmar_Yangon city walk colorful streets

Around 4PM, in order to avoid the rush hour, hop on a taxi to Shwedagon, the most sacred buddhist pagoda in Myanmar. Frankly speaking I’m not a big fan of the multicolor LED lights used to light up the buddhas, but there is a genuine spirituality beneath the bling. You could felt it all over the place at dawn, and soon before you realize you’ll be slowly walking with the pilgrims contemplating the big golden stupa encircled by thousand candles.

Myanmar_Yangon_Shwedagon candles Myanmar_Yangon_Shwedagon golden stupa


On the way back, stop by a delicious local chain restaurant where you could have an extensive selection of  Burmese, Chinese, Indian and Western food.

Feel Myanmar

124 Piyhtaungsu Avenue Street, Dagon, Yangon

Tel: 09-511-6872



  • Lunch+coffee+dinner: 5,500 kyats
  • Taxi to Shwedagon: 2,000 kyats
  • Shwedagon Entrance fee: 8,000 kyats
  • Taxi from hostel to Aung Min Galar bus station: 8,000 kyats
  • VIP night bus (JJ express Yangon-> Mandalay): 18,500 kyats



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